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Good Foods To Eat When Sick
“Feed a cold, starve a fever,” used to be how people approached illness dietary needs, but after our understanding of how the body eliminates sickness increased the mantra became “feed a cold, feed a fever.” That’s because it doesn’t matter if you have a cold or a fever, your body need lots of nutrients to stay strong while fighting your illness. It is important to listen to your body though. I f you aren’t hungry don’t force it, but do keep your hydration up. There are many good foods to eat when sick that will help your immune system work efficiently and effectively.  read more
Four Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth
If you are wondering what are the best vitamins for hair growth, then you are probably on a mission to achieve that long hair, luscious locks look. Throughout time long hair has been associated with beauty, femininity and sexuality. And it is not just women who are thought to be enchanting if they have luxurious thick abundant hair. Think about Samson, whose strength was locked in his mane of hair. read more
Is Hummus Fattening or Healthy?
Hummus has become a popular dip for snacks and meals over the past several years. Recipes for hummus vary depending on what region it comes from. Some recipes call for the addition of yogurt, some add a potato, and some just stick with the basic ingredients. Hummus has been a staple in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern diets for centuries, but is hummus fattening or healthy? read more
Homemade Acne Face Masks – Make Your Own
Acne is never fun. One great way to combat acne is with face masks. Store bought face masks can be expensive and full of artificial chemicals and preservatives that you don’t want absorbing into your skin. So what’s a person to do? Create your own homemade acne face masks! Many recipes are simple and use things you already have in your kitchen. Below are some basic recipes to get you started, but then feel free to create your own combination, experiment with different proportions and ingredients until you find your perfect anti-acne elixir. read more
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Good Foods To Eat When Sick Four Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth
Homemade Acne Face Masks – Make Your Own Is Hummus Fattening or Healthy?
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