ISLAMABAD: In a reference to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that those who were enemies of the Pakistan Army were enemies of the country.

The prime minister was addressing a meeting of the PTI and government spokespersons on Friday where he spoke about the upcoming protest movement to be launched by the country’s opposition parties.

During the party meeting, Imran Khan said that there were no tensions in the current civil-military relations and the army was fully supporting the government within constitutional limits.

“The opposition has a problem with the army because they (armed forces) always catch their corruption,” he said. The prime minister criticised Nawaz Sharif’s diatribe against the army, saying that his statements appease India. “Nawaz Sharif is toeing India’s narrative,” added PM Imran. The premier said the statements of Nawaz Sharif are according to the Indian agenda.

He said that those who were enemies of the armed forces were enemies of Pakistan, calling on the whole nation to stay united in the face of an Indian conspiracy. PM Imran said that the government will defend its institutions.

According to sources, the premier directed the ministers to expose the narrative of opposition. He said Pakistan’s enemies were joyous over employing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diction by Nawaz Sharif.

The prime minister said the government feels no pressure from the opposition’s movement. “What kind of a revolution it is when the leaders will sit in London with comfort, while workers will be on roads,” he said, adding that the opposition’s movement will end up in disappointment. aAccording to sources, the meeting also deliberated upon the strategy to bring back Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan.