ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that former rulers, who accumulated incalculable wealth, have become a “lesson” for others as they have been living so “painful” a life that their children are compelled to defend their corruption.

The rulers who chose the path of corruption faced a life filled with humiliation and also pushed the country into debt trap, he said, adding that the politicians were given a lot of opportunities and made leaders of this country but they set a bad example by choosing the wrong path.

“Sometimes they are going to hospitals, sometimes they are going out of the country, their children have gone abroad and they have to lie to protect their fathers,” said the prime minister in his address here at the passing-out of cadets at the Police College, Sihala.

He then asked the police to reform their conduct and become people-friendly, as they were basically responsible for the protection of life and property of people in the country while borders security was the responsibility of the armed forces.

“Police should reform in conduct so that they treat the privileged and the common man in the same manner. I want the police to shun discriminatory attitude towards citizens, and rather treat the common man like a VIP (very important person),” Mr Khan said.