International help is being pledged for india, as it battles a ferocious second wave of coronavirus described by prime minister Narendra modi.
As a storm that has shaken the nation.

Covid-19 in india peoples facing breath problem

Covid-19 in India

Almost 350 000 new infections were recorded in india in the latest 24-hour period and 2767 people have died but experts say the actual numbers are
likely to be much higher, as the epidemic continues to grow hospitals are under intense pressure with shortages of beds and critical supplies including oxygen.

In the capital delhi covid is now killing one person every four minutes.
The capital is being ravaged at a frightening speed with every fire that burns india’s.

Self-belief is dying each funeral is a story of personal loss and national shame, charanjeev malothra has been helping to cremate the dead for
decades, now he barely ever stops working he says i’ve never seen such a terrifying situation i can’t believe that we’re in the capital of india.
People aren’t getting oxygen and they’re dying like animals.

He says we don’t even have enough resources to cremate them outside is on the phone organizing oxygen for the hospital she works in not nothing nothing is being done.

I don’t know government is sleeping or what they are doing i am
totally disheartened in the situation which i am seeing.

Government is a literal failure a person cannot live here in delhi, a person cannot even die peacefully in delhi.

She’s waiting to cremate her grandfather who died.
She says because there wasn’t enough oxygen this small hospital in north delhi.

Facing a daily struggle man we have been spending sleepless nights since last one week, i mean at times we feel like crying because we are not able to help the patient properly every day this is the same scenario.

We are left only with two hours of of the year three hours of death and we are only getting assurance from the system and so families are being told to organize oxygen. At one medical shop we found people with
empty cylinders waiting to buy their own supply for loved ones, who urgently need it.

For many here the government’s promises of rushing in oxygen are coming, too late families left asking why something so basic is unavailable every crematorium we’ve been to we’ve seen body after body being brought.

In it’s hard for anyone to keep count but what workers have been telling me is that the real scale of debts caused by covet 19 in india.

Is a lot higher than what official numbers reflect and a lot of those who died right now have done so, because they couldn’t get oxygen runs a group of volunteers here. Even young people are dying it’s a very bad situation
if it keeps getting worse we’ll have to burn bodies by the side of the road
he says.

There is a sense of abandonment in this country citizens are stepping up to do what a government should left to fight a vicious pandemic on their own

Well tonight a first shipment of british assistance to india is leaving the uk other countries are also pledging support our diplomatic correspondent
paul adams.

Is here in the studio what kinds of help is being sent for well michelle this was really the weekend when the world stood up and took notice of what’s going on in india, not least because a wildfire of infections like
that in a country as large as india 1.4 billion people is clearly not just a local danger it’s a global danger and given those numbers anything any
reaction seems like a bit of a drop in the bucket, but those offers are coming in the united united kingdom is sending 495 oxygen concentrators 140
ventilators and the foreign secretary dominic raab says there could be more
the eu has activated what it calls its civil protection mechanism where member countries pool their emergency supplies again with an emphasis on
oxygen and medicines and the us perhaps stung into action by moves on this side of the atlantic has said that it will immediately supply
the raw materials for vaccines and that’ll involve reversing some export

United states could supply india with some of its unused uh astrazeneca vaccines that’s a vaccine that has been approved has not yet been approved for use in the united states and it’s got lots of it and it doesn’t need it itself it’s already supplied.

Some of it to mexico and canada earlier in the year so it is coming under some pressure to do that for india as well.